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Businesses encounter difficulties in choosing new markets and opportunities, including deciding whether, when, and where to invest in Africa. The success of leaders in navigating these decisions, managing risk, and outperforming competitors often hinges on having the right information.

At ARC, we link our clients with relevant experts from our network. These experts provide valuable insights on relevant topics and areas of interest through phone consultations, in-person interactions, or surveys. Experts involved in projects are remunerated on an hourly basis, usually billed in one-hour increments.

What we do

Our global clients, including companies, investors, and consultancies, seek nuanced insights for African opportunities. Beyond traditional reports, they value firsthand industry perspectives. At ARC, we connect them with expert opinions from individuals with relevant experience.

Where you fit in

Your firsthand expertise in the African field provides a unique perspective. When clients inquire, we tap into our global network to find experts like you and facilitate a brief consultation.

Network Effect

Our consulting network makes finding new opportunities – and valuable professional connections – easier. As an expert, you will contribute your expertise to world-class companies and hear people’s questions about your industry.

Turn your expertise into income

We understand the value of your time. That’s why we make it quick and easy for you to join our world-class expert network focused on Africa. You set your own price, and we connect you with a client.

Set your own rates.

Experts set their own compensation rates for their time, empowering you to choose a rate that aligns with the value of your time.

Connect with industry leaders

Engage in meaningful conversations within your field of interest, fostering productive interactions with global business leaders in your industry.

Engage confidently

We go beyond reasonable measures to protect every stakeholder, including experts like yourself.

How we work together


We receive a project request from a client.


We search within and outside our network


Discuss to make sure the project is a good fit for your expertise.


Review the terms and schedule the consultation at your convenience.


You consult with our client.


You receive your payment from ARC


Get your questions answered

What does ARC do?

Atigari Research Corp. is a rapidly expanding expert network and knowledge brokerage focused on Africa. We specialize in connecting our clients with industry experts for short-term consulting engagements. Our platform promotes mutually beneficial interactions between thought leaders, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insights that contribute to the modern marketplace.

What are the benefits of being an ARC expert?

In addition to compensating you at an hourly rate of your choosing, consulting with ARC offers a convenient way to stay up-to-date with the latest questions that global companies and organizations ask about your industry. It also provides numerous opportunities to expand your professional network and serves as a pathway to break into short-term consulting work.

Who are ARC's clients?

We work with companies exploring African markets, investment firms, management consultancies, and others. Our growing client base is drawn from around the globe and is rapidly increasing.

How does the process work?

After receiving a project request from a client, we search our network for experts whose experience and expertise match the specific topic. After identifying qualified experts, we reach out to ensure that the project is a good fit and that they are available for consultation. We then schedule the consultation at the expert’s convenience and confirm all the details via email. After the consultation is completed, we issue payment to the expert in their preferred form.

How often will I be expected to consult?

The frequency of your consultations will depend on our client’s project requests, your specific area of expertise, experience level, and availability. Our team will reach out whenever we have a project that matches your expertise. You can decline a consultation at any time and for any reason.

Do I need to prepare for the call?

Our consultations are informal in nature, and clients seek your insights and opinions from your unique industry perspective. No preparation is necessary unless explicitly advised.

What information can I share when I am on the call?

Our clients are keen on understanding emerging markets, industries, technologies, and trends in Africa, as well as gaining insights into how products are utilized from a customer perspective and identifying potential growth opportunities. It is important that the information you share does not breach any confidentiality agreements or duties of trust you may have. We encourage you to respectfully decline to answer or conclude the call if you are uncomfortable with specific questions during a call. Our clients will understand, and ARC will ensure you are still compensated for your time.

How will I get paid for my expert call?

Experts on ARC can be paid via PayPal or wire globally. Canadian-based experts can also receive payment via email transfer. Payments are processed within 15 business days of your call.

Why hasn’t anyone contacted me to schedule a consultation?

We are not always able to match experts immediately with client projects, as the requests we receive vary widely each day. If we have contacted you for a potential project that didn’t lead to a consultation, it is likely because the project’s priority or scope has changed. We do our best to inform our experts of these instances, but due to the high volume of client requests we receive, we are not always able to address every occurrence.

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