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1-on-1 consultations

Whether over the phone or in person, we connect you with the industry expertise you need to make better decisions quickly.


Expert Surveys

We help you meet your research objectives by delivering a full spectrum of insights from the most diverse sources of first-hand relevant expertise.

Syndicated Insights

Combine several offerings to address your broader needs, from market assessments to business development, all while leveraging our deep network and knowledge of the African market.

How we help

Africa is rapidly evolving, and expertise has a shelve life.

We help you gain the competitive advantage that comes from true clarity by connecting you to on-the-spot expert consultation on Africa.

Turn Knowledge into Leverage.

Whether investing, expanding or engaging other priorities in Africa, we’ll connect you with a prequalified subject matter expert who can help you reach your goals.

Market Research

Evaluate business prospects, demographics, trends, buyer personas, competitors, and the business environment.

International Expansion

Identify growth markets and explore potential partnerships and channel opportunities.

Opportunity Research

Receive rapid business opportunity assessment from experienced experts from around the world who have done business in Africa.


Get fast, accurate, and invaluable insights on your most pressing topics by connecting directly with a relevant expert on a 1-on-1 call or in person.


Gain valuable market insights with surveys that align with your research objectives and provide quantitative data on competition, demographics, and trends.

Integrated Insights

Our research-as-a-service solution integrates our capabilities to address your broader insight needs and strategic goals in Africa.

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